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South Pacific

Children Auditions

Auditions for the children's parts of Ngana and Jerome for Hilton High School's production of South Pacific. 

When: Wednesday, October 4th - 6:00pm (Should last 60-90 mins)

Where: Hilton High School Auditorium

Who: One Boy & One Girl

             Children ages 6-10 (HCSD students or children of HCSD Staff)

             Pacific Rim/Polynesian looking (Important to plot of show)

             Charismatic personality

           Does NOT need to dance

             Low level of commitment (only 3 scenes)


Audition directions:
Below you will find a script and music to be prepared for the audition. Memorization is not required, but highly recommended. Boys should prepare the part of Jerome and girls the part of Ngana. The children are French-Polynesian children that speak primarily in french. Feel free to check out a YouTube to hear the song and hear the french. 
Please remember that we are not looking for a performance without mistakes, but rather willing thespians to improve their craft!
If you have any questions, please email Adam Klock at
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